From the latest edition of "The Piano Book", print edition of the online publication "Piano Buyer", referenced at the footer section of our site under 'consumer advocacy':

"Hailun is a little different from most of the other Chinese companies selling pianos in the U.S.: Its founder and owner, Chen Hailun, is an entrepreneur in the Western style, and deeply involved in every aspect of the business. Originally a maker of molds for industrial use, Chen got into the piano business when piano manufacturers started to use his services to make piano parts. In 1998 he bought out the government’s position in his company to better control quality and hiring decisions.

While modern manufacturing methods are fully utilized, the factory also uses a large amount of skilled manual labor. Chen seeks out the best workers by paying considerably higher wages than other piano makers in China, he says, and provides an in-depth training program for his workers, conducted by piano builders and technicians from the U.S. and Europe. He also assists in the training of future piano technicians through an association with a local university. His greatest aspiration, Chen says, is to make the best piano in Asia.

Hailun USA has initiated several support programs designed to increase the speed at which service requests are handled, and to measure customer satisfaction. It has also introduced the Hailun Dream Assurance Program, in which the company guarantees, subject to certain limitations, that the sound of any purchased Hailun piano will be to the customer’s liking or, within 90 days of purchase, the company will exchange the piano for another of the same model. Under the company’s Gold Service Program, Hailun dealers are obligated to provide each customer with one free service call between 60 and 180 days after purchase of a piano.

Warranty: 15 years, parts and labor, to the original owner, transferable to the second owner within the warranty period. See also the Dream Assurance Program, described above."


Over the years Hailun Piano Co. has made it a practice to engage piano technology authorities from Europe and the United States and combine their experience and know-how with the factory's dedicated and skilled craftsmen and workers. The goal was to offer to pianists highest quality instruments that customers could otherwise only enjoy by acquiring instruments that were built in Europe. These hybrid pianos rely not only on the cost advantage currently attainable in China, but on a highly skilled team of local engineers and workers, and a commitment to quality to present themselves as a real alternative of instruments several times their price. At their best they offer a sound, consistency, and quality mostly available from piano makers several times the cost of a Hailun. The most recent example is the work of Mr. Stephen Paulello. Stephen Paulello is both a concert pianist, who has won numerous international piano competitions, and also a university professor for piano and chamber music. He completed his education as a piano technician with Bechstein and Steinway & Sons and was in charge of concert service for Bechstein in Paris. After a period in Germany spent developing his piano building skills, he started designing and building his own upright and grand pianos. Commenting on his own designs, he says: 'I wanted to do something different, something new to develop an alternative for pianists'. Indeed, in each and every respect he has succeeded. His experience was gained from 28 years of personal research into the various aspects of piano building. He learned by restoring, repairing and improving upright and grand pianos, as well as through optimization of the strings and actions.Stephen Paulello's patents and grand piano designs have won numerous awards, including a BA from the French Ministry for Culture. He is also responsible for the training and education of piano technicians in France, including the master associations AFARP & ITEMM. In order to meet Mr. Paulello's requirements the factory invested in larger CNC machines and with the help of his colleague Claire Pichet, a specialized CAD and robotics engineer, ensured that his designs were properly implemented.The result was the new model Hailun 218 semi-concert grand. Numerous pianists and piano builders already appreciate the instrument. Several institutions have already procured a Hailun 218 for their performance venues.


Hailun developed its proprietary action. It includes several parts that are imported from Europe and assembled in China and include reinforced German felt hammers, wood parts made of hornbeam, and an aluminum with a maple core action rail. The action is geared at professional users and aims at providing maximum performance for the pianist.



Wells Pianos proudly carries new Yamaha digital pianos of the 'Arius', 'P-series', and 'Portable Grand' flavor. We also carry excellent used Yamaha grand and vertical pianos.

These pianos are built with the utmost attention to detail and maintain the supremecy of the American made pianos. Although their vertical piano only stands 43.75 inches high the Walter piano uses the same length strings as a 5'8"baby grand and has a better sound than most 52" upright pianos. The quality of materials is top notch and with the ever increasing Euro, the Charles R. Walter pianos are the best deal in a piano today!

We specialize in re-manufacturing golden era Mason & Hamlin pianos. Our rebuilt Mason & Hamlin pianos have consistently been hailed by many as transcendent. We offer traditional wooden actions as well as the new WNG (Wessel Nickel & Gross) actions available in todays new Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Our technicians are top notch, and, as our motto states, you will never experience another shop in Minnesota up to our standards of quality and value.

Below is a nice video of 12 year old Emma Taggart playing on our Mason & Hamlin BB 7'0" at the Chopin Celebration Concert at the Twin Cities Polish Festival.

Steinway pianos

We specialize in rebuilding and re-manufacturing Steinway pianos. We also carry excellent non rebuilt, refurbished Steinways. You will never experience another store in MN up to our standards of quality and value.

We use original Steinway parts. Our technicians are excellent at voicing Steinway hammers, experienced at concert regualtion of actions, and eminently capable of turning your heirloom Steinway into the pinnacle of performance that it was when it was originally produced. Our bridge carvers and soundboard makers are absolutely unsurpassed.

We take care to reproduce the original quality finish that your Steinway had when it was made. Our finishers possess a comprehensive understanding of, and formal education in finishing, chemistry, and application.  We offer nitrocellulose lacquer, shellac, various varnishes, and if desired, HAPS free waterbourne alternatives.  We are the only shop in the 5 state area that offers this wide array of finishing options. In addition to pianos, our finishers have done restorative work on original Cass Gilbert furniture, the Alexander Ramsey House, the Smithsonian, historic Summit Avenue homes, the Senate Chambers at the Capital, and other historic locations.

Grand Models:

Steinway B

Steinway L and O

Steinway M

Steinway S

Steinway D

Steinway C

Steinway Style I, II, III, Monitor

Wells Pianos carries good used and refurbished Kawai pianos.

Brodmann today

Today Brodmann’s world headquarters is still located in Vienna, Austria, not far from the original factory and only five minutes away from the famous opera house and the historic old town. The city, with its musical history as well as the heritage of Joseph Brodmann and his pupil Ignaz Bösendorfer, continue to influence the way Brodmann pianos are built to this day. The Joseph Brodmann Piano Group is a world wide company with corporate locations in Vienna, London, Hong Kong and USA. Brodmann has appointed select dealers and technicians worldwide to provide the ultimate in service and assistance to our customers. Under the leadership of Christian Höferl, a former long time Director of Bösendorfer and Colin Taylor, a former Sales Manager at Bösendorfer and a concert technician, the Brodmann company is comprised of a highly experience team whose aims are to produce the highest quality pianos.

An obvious choice for Wells Pianos, Seiler embodies our approach to retail by offering high performance and value. Rims are red beech, pin blocks are maple, plates are wet cast. Our Seiler and Johannes Seiler Pianos all feature Renner actions from Stuttgart, Germany. Steinways manufactured in Germany also utilize Renner as an action supplier, as do other pianos more costly than Steinway, such as Bosendorfer, C.Bechstein, Grotrian, etc.... You are in for a jaw dropping comparison between Seiler and more common brands that saturate the market especially at this pricepoint. Seiler is a perfect balance of quality and value.




Joseph Pramberger became a design and project engineer and eventually retired after a tenure as vice president of manufacturing for Steinway & Sons (about 30 years total at Steinway) and chairman of the International Technical Exchange Group.  The Pramberger piano is an excellent value.