Steinway pianos

We specialize in rebuilding and re-manufacturing Steinway pianos. We also carry excellent non rebuilt, refurbished Steinways. You will never experience another store in MN up to our standards of quality and value.

We use original Steinway parts. Our technicians are excellent at voicing Steinway hammers, experienced at concert regualtion of actions, and eminently capable of turning your heirloom Steinway into the pinnacle of performance that it was when it was originally produced. Our bridge carvers and soundboard makers are absolutely unsurpassed.

We take care to reproduce the original quality finish that your Steinway had when it was made. Our finishers possess a comprehensive understanding of, and formal education in finishing, chemistry, and application.  We offer nitrocellulose lacquer, shellac, various varnishes, and if desired, HAPS free waterbourne alternatives.  We are the only shop in the 5 state area that offers this wide array of finishing options. In addition to pianos, our finishers have done restorative work on original Cass Gilbert furniture, the Alexander Ramsey House, the Smithsonian, historic Summit Avenue homes, the Senate Chambers at the Capital, and other historic locations.

Grand Models:

Steinway B

Steinway L and O

Steinway M

Steinway S

Steinway D

Steinway C

Steinway Style I, II, III, Monitor


Current List Of Steinway Pianos

Steinway K 52" Crown Jewel Mahogany studio piano -perfect- Rare Value! $16,900 SOLD

Gorgeous Steinway K with very little play, and perfect in every respect. A new mahogany Steinway K sells for about $34,600. Manufactured on November 10th 2004.This piano really is beautiful. The color in the digital photo is a little off though. The last picture of the name board in the series is a nice representation of the wood tone on this piano.Here is a link to Steinway's official site with a picture and specifications of this piano:

Steinway A (1936) 6'4" Grand Piano SOLD

Long A model was only made for a few years. The scale is regarded by some people to be one of the nicest Steinway scales ever made. Nice board with good crown, great case, perfect bridges. Headed to our refinishing shop for new pinblock installation and restringing, and installation of new Steinway action. This piano will look and play like a brand new Steinway.