We offer the very best restoration services. We re-manufacture to higher than factory standard. We offer historical preservation, modernization, custom actions, and produce instruments with superior tonal breadth, aural, and kinesthetic feedback, and refined control.
  • Our finishers do beautiful work. Traditional fine finishes generally tend to be nitrocellulose lacquer, and in some cases shellac. Hand made American, and vintage European pianos have these Lacquer and shellac finishes. The shellac finishes are all 'French polished' in our shop.

  • The soundboard is rightly regarded as the heart of the piano. It is what gives the instrument its tone. The fitment and shape of the soundboard is crucial to getting a good result. The down bearing of the strings is also of great importance and is set by properly adjusting the cast iron plate height, and bridge height as needed.

  • piano hammers

    The kinesthetic connection to the piano is of great importance. From it the player derives control and is able to bring out the voice of the piano. We use the best parts available and take painstaking care to give the end user the best response from the piano that is possible.

  • While it may seem mundane, stringing is a very important component in piano building and rebuilding. A very good stringing job is integral to a great sounding piano. Proper seating, pin height, beckets, coils, and ties take a long time to master. The spring steel is tough to work with, and the job is physically demanding. A good stringer is a valued employee, and ours are great.