Steinway M - SOLD

As of Friday 8/15, this piano is reserved for one of our loyal and patient customers who has been looking for just this piano for some time. If you are interested in this piano and for some reason the transaction does not complete (or even if it does), please fill out the contact form so that we may assist you in your purchase by letting you know when the piano you want pops up. This piano was reserved in less than ONE DAY of having been set up and prepped. Great deals are out there (rather here), but you need to have a great shop (like ours) to facilitate things, and you need to be ready to act when the time comes. So, we are happy to save you that 13K extra that you would have paid if you had gone to ....... well never mind, and if you can work with us and be a little patient, you can have EXACTLY what you want.

This Steinway M was rebuilt by a Steinway dealer in 2003

-shanks and flanges

5 year warranty parts and labor

Beautiful piano in fantastic condition!