Hailun model 178 grand piano - finally arrived!

Our consistently sold out Hailun model 178 is back in stock! We have 2 model 178 Hailun grand pianos in at the moment. This one is fantastic. If you are considering a Boston 178; stop and play the Hailun--you will be floored. This piano has amazing tonal definition, breadth, and quality of construction.

I took on Hailun when I opened my shop 8 years ago. I got excited about the line when I discovered that the A and B series Bechstein pianos were made, 'stem to stern', at the Hailun factory. The pianos are made on the same assembly line, by the same people, with the same parts. Those Bechstein pianos are rated up there with the NY Steinways, and are more than twice the money of the Hailuns. Come check out the Hailun 178--it is a very good grand piano used by many in the professional and academic communities.

-Kieran Wells

hailun piano inner rim
hailun grand piano inner rim
hailun 178