Brodmann 6'2" model PE187 SOLD - Backordered

Beautiful Brodmann model PE187. In 1994 Colin Taylor and Christian Hofferl of Bosendorfer purchased the original Steinway model A scales and designs from Steinway in Hamburg. This piano was developed by Bosendorfer as an affordable high end piano. In the early 2000's, the Bank of Austria purchased Bosendorfer and divested. Brodmann forked from Bosendorfer, and core employees went with. They believed in the work of Brodmann and I am very glad that they had the courage to do so; today Brodmann is a serious player in the high quality/affordable grand piano market. The model 187 is a model A, pre-war Hamburg scale. In fact, we have ours next to a NY model A steinway (6'2") and the plates look almost identical. The main difference is the absence of the cosmetic bumps that you see around the sound holes on the plate. So, you have a great scale and design, developed by craftsman of the highest caliber.

Brodmann PE187
Brodmann 6'2"
Brodmann Piano