"Having met you recently, I am happy to see another good option for piano shoppers in the area. You're certainly passionate about pianos, have lots of knowledge to share, and a no-nonsense approach which I appreciate: heavy on the facts and light on the marketing buzzwords."

-Dr. Owen Lovel
Professor of Piano
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Contributing Author, The Piano Book

"Your service surpasses all others. Nobody in the Twin Cities is doing what you do, and that is a compliment"

-Dan LeJeune, The Blake School

"I recently started looking for a piano in the minneapols and st Paul area. I started out only considering yamaha or kawai but the last store I visited on my list blew me away. Kieran Wells of Wells Pianos in St Paul was just awesome, and I really loved his honesty and candor. I didn't feel pressured at all. Best of all, he introduced me Hailun. I've got to admit I never heard of that piano, but its just as good as the kawai or yamaha's I checked out but several grand cheaper new!

So if you're in the market for a good upright, don't forget to at least check out Hailun. I'm really glad that I did. Thanks, Kieran for all your help!"

-Ken Branch Manager, Scottrade

Congratulations, MN Shoreview! Your daughter is a very lucky girl. Your experience with Kieran Wells is consistent with the experience of two families I sent to him and who ultimately purchased grand pianos from him. He is extremely friendly, professional and service-oriented, is very sensitive to budgets and puts his customers immediately at ease. Best wishes to your family.

-Matt T.
Attorney, Minneapolis, MN

"...we bought a 50" Hailun upright from Wells Piano in St Paul, and we love it. Hailun was actually the brand our daughter's piano teacher highly recommended. Being a professional piano player and a music faculty in college, she owns a Hailun grand, and an upright. She played our piano and said it's great. We were actually able to negotiate a price that both my wife and I felt pretty happy about.
What I want to see to those who are looking for a piano for beginners is that Hailun is catching up with Yamaha and Kawai. It still has unbeatable price for now.
BTW, for those who live in Minnesota, I highly recommend Wells Pianos. The people there are just so nice. We didn't feel embarrassed like other piano stores when telling them our budget."

MN Shoreview on Pianoworld,
Worlds Largest Piano Forum


I would let anyone when shopping for a piano go directly to Wells Pianos for a reputable and honest dealer"

-Michael Maciosek

"Kieran is the guy to buy from in the Twin Cities".

-Joe on Pianoworld,
Worlds Largest Piano Forum

Link to Piano World Thread

"Great Service! Great store! I recently bought a Steinway model A from Kieran Wells. the instrument was wonderfully prepared and was even better than the instruments I test played locally. I live in San Francisco and was very impressed with the high quality of the service I was given!"


SanFrancisco, CA


"Great help in buying a piano I recently purchased a Kawai upright from Kieran. I paid a fraction of what other piano stores in the area were charging for the same piano. I would highly recommend his assistance to anyone who is looking for a great instrument."

-D.T. Baland

Baland's Papageno Piano Tuning LLC

Saint Paul, MN



"Best piano store in the twin cities Very knowledgeable and patient staff. They had the right product at the right price, and were extremely respectful. My experiences at other stores were quite different. If you are serious about getting a good instrument, this is the place to shop."

-Patrick Cromwell

Minneapolis, MN