Upright Pianos

Refurbished 52" Kawai pro studio in great shape featuring a grand piano style fallboard, walnut hammer moldings, great performance and great tone.  Dampp Chaser humidity control system and adjustable artist bench included. You are set to go. $3,800

This Kawai is really nice. It looks and feels like new. Comes with a 5 year warranty. $3,350.

Full sostinuto and agraffes on this pro 52". Many comment that is the nicest upright Yamaha ever made.

Hailun HU-1P , Hailun HU-1P photo2

This special model H1P Hailun is designed for the professional or aspiring artist. The refinement of this instrument coupled with the superior parts and design make for a real class act. This piano has real ebony sharps/flats as well as German Abel hammers with walnut hammer moldings.

Due to franchise rules, we do not post prices for our new pianos for which we are a dealer. There is a very useful resource in your sidebar titled 'The Piano Book' which provides retail as well as average sell prices for almost all brands. Hailun prices are on page 233 & 234.


Young Chang 45.5" studio piano suitable for a home or an academic setting. Bench included.

This piano is new. It was picked up by the bank from the previous dealer who did not make good on the bank note. The piano was liquidated to us and received in its original box, never previously unpacked, and set up on out floor.  This piano's mahogany sister sold within hours of arrival.  Don't miss a great opportunity. Retail selling price on this piano is $4,600 according to The Piano Book.

This piano has been gone over by our technicians and is ready to go. Good deal. Good piano. We need to make space!

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This Baldwin is in excellent condition. True quality craftsmanship, tone and quality. Very new for a used instrument-hardly any visible wear. 5 year warranty.


Very nice Yamaha console 1991 model M302.

5 year warranty - parts and labor

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Perfect M1A originally purchased here in the Twin Cities from Bodines.

1996 Kawai UST-8 pro studio in great shape, hardly used, great tone. Bench included. Don't miss this trade in special! 5 year warranty