Trade-Ins & Closeouts


Kawai Model 503M Upright piano in great condition!

Comes with a matching bench and a 5 year warranty

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Yamaha Upright piano in great condition!
Comes with a matching bench and a 5 year warranty
Made in 2001

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Kawai Upright Piano in great condition
Comes with a 5 year warranty and matching bench
c. 1993


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Mason & Hamlin model A c. 1967 in good condition.
Comes with a 3 year warranty

Everett Upright Piano in great condition


3 year warranty


Horugel Upright Studio style piano in great condition

3 year warranty & matching bench included


Johannes Seiler 160

Special Year end Closeout--Rare Value

This smartly designed piano has the important fundamental elements of the all German Seiler that make it a high performing instrument worth keeping in your family. The Johannes Seiler is the choice of many teachers and professionals in the Twin Cities. 

Height: 40 1/2”
Weight: 617 lbs.
Width: 59 1/2”
Cabinet Length: 5‘ 2 1/4“
Pinblock: 11 Ply
Pinblock Material: Cross-laminated, American hard maple
Tuning Pins: Nickel plated, Cut thread
Hammer felt: Premium grade, German felt, “T” Wired
Action: Premium, with Renner parts, Abel Hammers
Soundboard Material: AA Solid Spruce
Soundboard Area: 1740 sq. in.
Ribs: White Spruce, Pre-curved, Notched to inner rim
Bridge material: Vertically Laminated, Beech, Beech/Maple Cap
Music Wire: Roslau-Germany
No.# 1 Bass String: 44 3/10″

Seiler 168

Rated above other pianos in the category such as Boston, Yamaha, and Kawai, the Seiler ED168 is first in class for the most demanding customers who want to make an educated purchase without breaking the bank.  At its pricepoint the ED model Seilers are absolutely peerless. This piano is part of our year end closeout and store moving sale--the price is too low to print without breaking dealer agreements--unfortunately, you will need to come in--THIS PIANO ONLY. You you be very very happy you took the time to look in to it. This piano will be marked as sold online as soon as it is reserved. 


SOUNDBOARD: German white spruce
TREBLE BRIDGE: Solid beech with maple cap
BASS BRIDGE: Solid maple
PIN BLOCK: Multi-laminate American Maple
STRINGS: Roslau German music wire
PRESSURE BAR: Nickel plated
KEYS: Premium grade German spruce
ACTION: Renner action
RIBS: German spruce notched into the liner
PLATE: Sand Cast
BACKPOSTS: Selected Hardwood
PEDALS: Forged brass
MIDDLE PEDAL: Full sostenuto
WARRANTY: 10 year limited

Gorgeous vintage pre-war Steinway model K restored beautifully restored. The finish is traditional French Polished shellac. I have only seen one of these pianos in my career. Pictures soon.

***This piano is located in our warehouse*** $7,900 is our year end closing/moving sale price

Fantastic Bladwin model L professional quality grand piano. Action, soundboard and pinblock are in great condition. Circa 1986. This piano is almost like new.
5 year warranty - parts and labor

Pictures soon!