Trade-Ins & Closeouts

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Very nice J.P.Pramberger grand with 'Hidden Beauty' type case design (sapelle on underside of fallboard and on music rack). This instrument was maintained very well by a local family, has an artist bench, and a humidity control system. The sound is clear, full, articulate, and even. The action is fantastic.

This model Pramberger was rated in Larry Fine's "The Piano Book" as equivalent to the RX series Kawai, the Boston by Steinway, and the C Series Yamaha. I sold this piano new originally. We took it back because the family is moving and does not have the space.

5 Year Warranty - Parts And Labor

Really nice Yamaha console in dark oak. This piano looks like new on the inside and the case is in great shape.
5 year warranty - parts and labor

This is a very very well prepped 5'10" Hailun model 178 in ebony polish used to showcase the model. This piano has performed at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival and has been performed on at Jazz Central by Grammy Award winners, local and national celebrities, and up and comming Jazz and classical stars. Gregg Inhoffer who recorded with Bob Dylan made his last recording on this piano. This piano has been in service for one year.

Our dealer agreement prohibits us from posting the price in this case.

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Kawai Studio Upright in very good condition


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Yamaha 5'3" model G-1 grand with bench. Piano is in very good condition, and comes with a warranty. This is a nice entry level price for a true mid-grade piano that would sell for much more at other dealers.

5 year 100 % trade-in value

Wurlitzer 5'2" Baby Grand with a beautiful wood finish.


Used Kawai Upright piano with back satin finish.


Great artisit bench with storage.


Yamaha Upright console style piano with wood finish.

This piano sounds and plays great and is perfect for students!


2 Year warranty


Yamaha Console style upright piano

3 year warranty-parts and labor

$165 delivery