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Steinway B (6'10) Golden Era Restoration - new soundboard at installed AT STEINWAY FACTORY Immaculate Craftsmanship, Exquisite Carvings, Stunningly Beautiful Tone Quality This is a 1917 Steinway B that is 'brand new'.

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This grand just arrived to our floor!

This stunning Louis M (5'7") has been beautifully rebuilt - plays and looks new
Rebuilt by Jeff Saarela - Piano Tuner/tech for Osmo Vänskä, Music Director, Minnesota Orchestra

Steinway B Mahogany, Steinway B Belly, Steinway B Mahogany Ice Cream Cone Legs, Steinway B Quilted Mahogany Ice Cream Cone Legs

-Beautiful golden age Steinway model B in figured mahogany, serviced by top technicians that did work for The Juilliard School.
-Art case in quilted mahogany with 'Ice Cream Cone' style legs.

Serial #101176
88 Notes
All parts are Steinway
Key Tops
USA made artist bench - matching

New soundboard and pinblock!

Cosmetically, this piano is very nice. It also plays great--the action is new.

5 year warranty included - parts and labor, 10 year 100% trade-in value

Nice 1920's walnut Steinway model M.
-light walnut
-nice condition

Arriving soon!
-Mahogany vintage art-case Steinway model B grand piano.
-New Action
-Recently Rebuilt

steinway classic hepplewhite

Very nice Steinway vertical piano

-5 year warranty - parts and labor
-10 year 100% trade-in value
-one owner, locally owned in Saint Paul, MN
-very stable, tight block, good soundboard


Steinway model L in excellent condition
-looks and plays great
-purchased new in MN and hardly played
-5 year warranty
-10 year 100% trade-in value

steinway b victorian, steinway b art case

Beautiful Steinway B in mahogany victorian case $27,995
-New Soundboard
-New Action
-5 year warranty
-10 year 100% trade-in value

This piano is priced aggressively as a musicians piano; it has new internal parts, yet the case is in good original condition. Finishes, although we are very good at them, can add many thousands of dollars to the cost of an instrument. We felt that a family or performer focused on performance would be very happy with this piano.

Great Steinway B
-very nice soundboard with great tone and crown
-great bridges
-very tight pinblock
-new action
-Our technician Robert who currently lives here actually worked at the Steinway factory. He is an expert with Steinway actions.

Currently this piano is being rebuilt, and it should arrive the first week of February.

Beautiful Steinway model A in ebony satin.

This golden era pre-war piano was rebuilt by Steinway a factory soundboard artisan. The action is new and the piano is currently being refinished.

5 year warranty - parts and labor
10 year 100% trade-in value

Expect this piano the second week of February