Gorgeous Steinway K with very little play, and perfect in every respect. A new mahogany Steinway K sells for about $34,600. Manufactured on November 10th 2004.This piano really is beautiful. The color in the digital photo is a little off though. The last picture of the name board in the series is a nice representation of the wood tone on this piano.Here is a link to Steinway's official site with a picture and specifications of this piano:

Steinway K

Gorgeous vintagr pre-war rebuilt and refinished model K. 5 year warranty - parts and labor Artist bench included.

Steinway M Centennial Grand, Steinway M Centennial Grand Lyre, Steinway M Centennial Grand Piano Case 1, Steinway M Centennial Grand Piano Case 2

Gorgeous model M centennial style Steinway circa 1958. New nitrocellulose lacquer finish, new Steinway strings, new pinblock. Custom setup, voicing and regulation included. 5 year warranty-parts and labor

Steinway studio model 1098, Steinway studio,

Steinway studio piano in great shape that performs beautifully. 5 year warranty, parts and labor. This piano is ready for a lifetime of use. Check the competition! This piano was purchased new in 1980 and has had one owner.

Beautiful Steinway hepplewhite upright piano in excellent condition.
This piano has a beautiful mahogany finish and brand new keys!

This pre-war model V steinway professional studio (49") is in great condition. The soundboard is perfect with no cracks, the pinblock is very tight, and the action is very good. As it is, the piano is value priced at $2,895. You have the optioin to upgrade to a new finish, restringing, and new hammers and whippens, and artist bench at additional cost; The piano will look and sound like new.

Steinway model P. Sounds and plays great.
Has a deep, resonant base. Great overall tone and nice action. Excellent condition.
5 year warranty-parts and labor.
Coming soon-this piano will be in the store towards the end of June.

1934 Steinway M 1, 1934 Steinway M soundboard, 1934 Steinway M soundboard 2, 1934 Steinway M full

This is a Steinway M with a perfect soundboard that has nice crown, a nice tight pinblock, great action that has seen very little use, and a very presentable case.

The piano is in our warehouse location where we have done minor case touch-up. We literally have no space in our store, so if you are interested, please call ahead so we can show you the piano. We are overstocked and this piano is priced VERY low--the idea is to sell it quickly to make space.

I will try to get more pictures up soon.

5 year warranty included.

Very nice model 1098 Steinway with full sostenuto. Great action, great looking hammers and a very tight pinblock. This piano plays and sounds great.

5 year warranty - parts and labor

Beautiful Pre war Steinway rebuild.
Has a new Steinway action, new hammers, shanks and flanges, and has been restrung.