Grand Pianos

Very nice vintage Steinway model A, 6'4" grand piano. circa 1924

This yamaha C7, purchased new here in the Twin Cities in 1992, is in great shape.

Steinway M Centennial Grand, Steinway M Centennial Grand Lyre, Steinway M Centennial Grand Piano Case 1, Steinway M Centennial Grand Piano Case 2

Gorgeous model M centennial style Steinway circa 1958. New nitrocellulose lacquer finish, new Steinway strings, new pinblock. Custom setup, voicing and regulation included. 5 year warranty-parts and labor

The 7-foot 2-inch Hailun HG-218 Semi-Concert Grand attracts the attention of performers and listeners alike. Engineer Stephan Paulello designed its powerful yet delicate tonal range. Extremely responsive to the touch, the HG-218 is ideal for any level of performance. Its lines are elegant by design. The HG-218 beautifies any home surroundings while its robust construction makes it the ideal institutional, stage or studio grand piano.Due to franchise rules, we do not post prices for our new pianos for which we are a dealer. There is a very useful resource in your sidebar titled 'The Piano Book' which provides retail as well as average sell prices for almost all brands.

"The 5 ft. 10 in. Hailun HG 178 Grand Piano has a rich tone. This piano is built with pride and attention to details. Its warm tones will please students, teachers and performers, and is ideal in a home or studio environment."

Re-manufactured high performance 6'1" A.B.Chase grand piano.

This piano has a remarkably silky and balanced character; it has fantastic breadth and volume and can easily be played down to a whisper.

-new soundboard
-new repititions
-new hammers, shanks and flanges
-new keys, perfectly balanced
-new pinblock/restrung
-new dampers, front&balance rail punchings, bushings, rest felt
-new Jansen Bench

5 year warranty-parts and labor

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Perfect Kawai RX-1 in ebony with bench. 5 year warranty, full in-house prep, tuning and regulation. This piano sounds and looks great. It is not a gray market import. This was originaly purchased new here in MN. Excellent value.

1934 Steinway M 1, 1934 Steinway M soundboard, 1934 Steinway M soundboard 2, 1934 Steinway M full

This is a Steinway M with a perfect soundboard that has nice crown, a nice tight pinblock, great action that has seen very little use, and a very presentable case.

The piano is in our warehouse location where we have done minor case touch-up. We literally have no space in our store, so if you are interested, please call ahead so we can show you the piano. We are overstocked and this piano is priced VERY low--the idea is to sell it quickly to make space.

I will try to get more pictures up soon.

5 year warranty included.

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Very nice J.P.Pramberger grand with 'Hidden Beauty' type case design (sapelle on underside of fallboard and on music rack). This instrument was maintained very well by a local family, has an artist bench, and a humidity control system. The sound is clear, full, articulate, and even. The action is fantastic.

This model Pramberger was rated in Larry Fine's "The Piano Book" as equivalent to the RX series Kawai, the Boston by Steinway, and the C Series Yamaha. I sold this piano new originally. We took it back because the family is moving and does not have the space.

5 Year Warranty - Parts And Labor

Beautiful Pre war Steinway rebuild.
Has a new Steinway action, new hammers, shanks and flanges, and has been restrung.