Grand Pianos

Demo Model Hailun 5'4" Grand Piano. This piano has a beautiful tone and an elegant design. Special, please call for pricing.*Stock Photo

This is a very rare opportunity to obtain a newer Mason Hamlin model A at a huge discount. These pianos are rated is the same high performance category as Steinway in Larry Fines 'The Piano Book'. This is a very rare value on an amazing piano. American Made, high performance, and prepared by the best technicians in MN.This piano was part of an estate and was owned by a physician who rarely played. It has been very well maintained, and hardly seen any use. This piano should arrive by the end of February. I would suggest reserving it if you are serious about an heirloom quality, American, hand made, high performance piano.

The 6'5" Hailun HG 198 Grand Piano has a full and colorful tone. The powerful bass is well balanced with a clear and singing treble. Created by renowned Engineer Frank Emerson, with over 20 years combined experience in Research and Design for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company and Mason and Hamlin Piano Company, the HG 198 is designed for artistic expression. The HL-198 is beautiful in looks and resonance. Its lines are elegant by design. The HL-198 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it the ideal institutional, or chamber music piano. Call for price.

New Steinway Action, Hammers, Shanks & Flanges from Steinway NY -High performing & a good rebuild candidate for those who care about aesthetics. This will be a great piano for a player.

Bosendorfer 225 owned locally - very nice. SN.39376-9858
5 year warranty.

Beautifully regulated and voiced, this piano is perfect. This piano comes with a full 5 year warranty-parts and labor and your choice of bench.

Mason & Hamlin pianos have always been highly sought after because of their good scaling and robust construction. One technician I know described the mason as being constructed like a bank vault inside a Sherman tank! Well, it's much more elegant than the tank and don't worry, it won't fall through the floor, but he is correct. The rock solid time tested design of the Mason & Hamlin makes this an heirloom quality, high performing piano that will outlive us all.

Beautiful Schimmel Vogel model 177T in ebony polish sold 5 years ago by yours truly. Rated in the high performance strata, above Yamaha C series and Kawai RX, in Larry Fines "The Piano Book".

This piano is beautiful, performs flawlessly, is perfectly regulated, and has been rebuilt by Robert Linton. This piano posses the nuance and expression you would expect to find from the worlds finest pianos, and is suitable for hard institutional use.

5 year warranty - parts and labor

The Hailun 5-foot 10-inch HG-178 professional Grand Pianos is powerful, clear and expressive. It combines the majestic presence of a Hailun grand with delicate tonal clarity. Homes, churches, schools, teaching studios and small performance stages are the ideal location for the HG-178. In addition to its tonal depth, its pleasant resonance suits all musical settings. The lines of the instrument are elegant by design.