Grand Pianos

This piano is like a time capsule. The soundboard is perfect and has great crown, the bridges are perfect, the bass is full and alive, the treble sings, the action is great, and the bushings are all great. This is a real performance grade instrument at an exceptional value.5 year warranty.

This piano has a beautiful tone, a powerful bass, and performs fantastically. The soundboard, bridges, pinblock, action, and case are in great condition too. This model L is the perfect alternative to a new model L Steinway.5 year warranty

Perfect, factory quality. Serial number 35821.This piano is a very rare value at $22,900.All of the rebuilding and action work has been done on this piano and it is on the showroom floor. We left it in the 'coming soon' category because we are waiting on some of the case parts to be refinished.

This model B Steinway in ebony satin (pictures soon) was purchased and owned here in the Twin Cities and meticulously maintained. This piano is a real value.  $81,200 retail today, this piano is being offered at $46,000.

There are two companies in the country that are using the kind of soundboard we put into this piano; Wells Pianos and Ravenscroft Pianos. soundboard in this special BB Mason came from a Sitka spruce tree over 1000 years old. The tonal properties are amazing, growth rings insanely tight, and very stable. This piano is going to be very special when it is done.g

This superb sounding 1927 model A (5'8") is THE perfect Mason & Hamlin. *New Finish *New Action *New Hammers, Shanks and Flanges *New Dampers *New Soundboard *New Hand Carved Bridges *New Pin Block *New Stringing *New Bushings and FeltWhats more important than this list of cool things we have done to this piano is the sound, performance and quality of workmanship.We guarantee that you will find this piano to be of greater quality than the overwhelming majority of hand-made American pianos available today.

Gorgeous Steinway B circa 1977, absolutely perfect condition. This piano was meticulously maintained and very lightly played. It is an absolute gem.5 Year Wells Pianos Warranty - parts and laborIf you are in the market for a fantastic concert piano, be sure to put a hold on this one before it arrives. We guarantee you will love it. This is sure to go soon!

"The 5 ft. 10 in. Hailun HG 178 Grand Piano has a rich tone. This piano is built with pride and attention to details. Its warm tones will please students, teachers and performers, and is ideal in a home or studio environment."

This piano is a rare and beautiful piece. Rebuilt by local technician Jeffery Saarela (Technician of Osmo Vanska, Conductor, MN Orchestra), this piano is in top performing condition, has a gorgeous case, and original ivories. All Steinway original parts have been used to rebuild this very special piano.