Grand Pianos

"The 5 ft. 10 in. Hailun HG 178 Grand Piano has a rich tone. This piano is built with pride and attention to details. Its warm tones will please students, teachers and performers, and is ideal in a home or studio environment."

"The 7 ft. 2 in.Hailun HG-218 Semi Concert Grand attracts the attention of performers and listeners alike. Engineer Stephan Paulello designed its powerful yet delicate tonal range. Extremely responsive to the touch, the HG-218 is ideal for any level of performance. Its lines are elegant by design. The HG 218 beautifies any home surroundings while its sturdy construction makes it the ideal institutional, stage or studio grand piano."

Beautiful schimmel 5'9" Grand Piano.
Great condition and sound

Gorgeous model M centennial style Steinway circa 1958. New nitrocellulose lacquer finish, new Steinway strings, new pinblock. Custom setup, voicing and regulation included. 5 year warranty-parts and labor

steinway model a

Very nice vintage Steinway model A, 6'4" grand piano. circa 1924

Kawai model KG 2E Grand Piano. This piano is in excellent condition, and has a beautiful ebony polish finish. 5 year warranty $8900.00

Excellent high performance piano rated in the strata of Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and Grotrian in Larry Fines "Piano Buyer". This piano is one of the best values at Wells Pianos today.

The Hailun 5-foot 10-inch HG-178 professional Grand Pianos is powerful, clear and expressive. It combines the majestic presence of a Hailun grand with delicate tonal clarity. Homes, churches, schools, teaching studios and small performance stages are the ideal location for the HG-178. In addition to its tonal depth, its pleasant resonance suits all musical settings. The lines of the instrument are elegant by design.

Very rare Steinway model A3 in fabulous condition. This piano has a new action, original soundboard in perfect condition, pin-block, original ivories, and has been restrung. Only Steinway original parts have been used. All belly work was performed by Robert Linton, a former Steinway employee and technician, who specializes in Steinway and Mason & Hamlin restoration.