Grand Pianos


Very nice 7'4" Kawai model kg-6. This is a rare buy. 1976

This piano has a beautiful tone, a powerful bass, and performs fantastically. The soundboard, bridges, pinblock, action, and case are in great condition too. This model L is the perfect alternative to a new model L Steinway.

5 year warranty

Very nice Weber grand traded in on a Steinway 6'2" grand. The Weber is in great shape and has been very well maintained.

Good Baldwin petite grand, purchased new 12 years ago. This piano sounds, plays, and looks like new. Mahogany polish, warranty included.

Very nice pre-war Mason & Hamlin model A in ebony satin. This piano should be arriving in the beginning of September.

Very nice vintage American restoration. Completely restrung, refinished and ready to go. The finish alone on this piano would cost between $5,000-$6,000.

Don't miss out on this rare piano.

5 year warranty - parts and labor

This piano is like a time capsule. The soundboard is perfect and has great crown, the bridges are perfect, the bass is full and alive, the treble sings, the action is great, and the bushings are all great. This is a real performance grade instrument at an exceptional value.

5 year warranty.

This piano sounds and plays great. The action looked new when we pulled it out. It was owned by an architect from Stockholm, WI. It was maintained very well and tuned on a regular basis-just not played much. The sound is gorgeous and the action very satisfying to play.

Re-manufactured high performance 6'1" A.B.Chase grand piano.

This piano has a remarkably silky and balanced character; it has fantastic breadth and volume and can easily be played down to a whisper.

-new soundboard
-new repititions
-new hammers, shanks and flanges
-new keys, perfectly balanced
-new pinblock/restrung
-new dampers, front&balance rail punchings, bushings, rest felt
-new Jansen Bench

5 year warranty-parts and labor

Gorgeous Steinway B circa 1977, absolutely perfect condition. This piano was meticulously maintained and very lightly played. It is an absolute gem.

5 Year Wells Pianos Warranty - parts and labor

If you are in the market for a fantastic concert piano, be sure to put a hold on this one before it arrives. We guarantee you will love it. This is sure to go soon!

Piano due to arrive 3/28